Summer Healthy Eating Series

Come check out our Health Eating Series in June and July.  Tracy will be doing a series of cooking classes/demos that focus on simple plant based meals and desserts.  She wants to share with you some healthy alternatives to foods you are used to, as well as introduce you to something new.

The cost is just $5 per person per class.  Please sign up by Noon of the Friday before Class.

Summer Cooking Series 2018 (2)


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New Garden

We have decided to add a small garden in the campground.  Now we aren’t pros by any means, but love that we can grow fresh veggies and herbs in the campground.  We even got a small sprout on our pepper plant this morning. Super excited to watch it all grow.

Fig, Grape and Boysenberry Plant

Beautiful Garden

Our Beautiful Garden

Pepper Plant

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Lil Chickens are getting Bigger!

The little chickens aren’t so little anymore.  We have finally introduced them to the Big Chickens.  They are loving the free roaming…thank goodness we can get them back in at night. 🙂

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New Lil Additions

Welcome our New LiL Additions to the Campground.   We haven’t named them yet, but will be shortly.  We are keeping them nice and warm inside until they are able to come out but we are looking forward to having them. We may have Ducks soon too!

Baby Chicks

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Pickleball Court HAS ARRIVED

Come check out the NEW Pickleball Court.  We had such a great turnout for the Pickleball Grand Opening.  Lots of learning, practicing and laughs.  You can check out paddles and balls in the office.

Pickleball Court Ready to Play on

Learning How to Play

Ambassadors of Pickleball

Practicing Some More


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Pickleball Courts

Coming Soon…Pickleball Court. We are extending the Basketball Court into a Pickleball Court.  Troy is super excited.  We will upload pictures when finished.  Here are the work in progress pictures…

Lights are hung

Blue is on the Courts

New Addition Coming Soon…Pickleball Court

New Addition Coming Soon…Pickleball Court


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Chickens and Pigs

We can not forget about our lovely pets on our beautiful campground…Chickens and Pigs.  We have Halo and Ruby (pigs) and a great assortment of chicken. Don’t forget about that lovely Rooster.  He will make certain you hear him. (RIP Rooster…he had to be laid to rest 12/20/2017)

Chickens weren’t very photogenic today.  They were all too busy roaming the campground.

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Dog Park

We have just added a great NEW amenity for your beloved pets. Come let your dogs run their energy out in our Dog Park Run.  They will love it.

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New Bathhouse

We have just completed the NEW Bathhouse with Laundry facilities.  Come check it out.  

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May 16th, 2011 Update………….

Almost There………..  I know we keep saying that, but man’o’man this is taking much longer than we expected.  Safe to say and we are happy to admit that we really did under-estimate the length of time it would take to get everything completed – and we’re just talking about getting the construction finished.  There has been no ‘beautifying’ done yet!!

We are still plodding along though and are excited to get everything completed so we can spend some more time outside getting the exterior looking nicer.

Quick Update – The clubhouse is finished, just waiting on the plasterers to finish the taping of the drywall and then the painting will start – this week!  If all goes to plan, the clubhouse will be ready to use by guests by June 1st.

The pool is regularly being enjoyed by everyone and is a refreshing temperature of 86 degrees. 

The store is coming along……….  we decided a little while ago to hold off on the store until the clubhouse was complete.  The general consensus was that the clubhouse was needed first. 

This morning we met with a few of the campers out on the boardwalk to witness the final shuttle launch.  We could see it – very faintly!! haha But hey, if you have never seen a launch before (like myself) then Im extremely happy to say I have now.  My hope is that one day ‘they’ realize how much the space program means to many Americans and people worldwide, that they consider starting it up again.

** If you’re looking for somewhere to park for the next few months while waiting for the northern states to warm up again, then check out our special for the months of May and June.  $100 of the first month to new monthly campers. 

Gas prices are high so maybe you could consider leaving your RV here for the summer while you head up north.  We offer storage at an extremely low price. $1 per day, no minimum stay, just pay up-front and head back home without pulling or driving the ‘gas guzzlers’ too.  Worth considering, if not for this year, but next year maybe.

For now, thats all I have.  We really hope to see some of you over the summer months.  We love having people here and would really love to see some more tent campers coming in – park the RV at home and come back with your tent!!  Just for something different!!  Take Care everyone and enjoy the summer 🙂

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